Hell Have No Furry Like a Women Scorn Is The Saying and This Man Definitely Felt It Down To His Core After His Wife Caught Him Cheating! According To a Recent Japanese Yahoo Auction A Man’s Wife Auctioned Off His Entire Rare Yugioh Card Collection For Roughly Over $75,000 After Catching On To His Cheating Ways.

The Wife Left An Interesting Description of The Events Within The Auction Listing Stating: “This is my first listing on Yahoo! Auctions. As an act of revenge against my husband for cheating on me, I have decided to sell his collection. The items are unopened, so I’d be happy if I can get a good price for these…The boxes have been on a shelf with a cover over them, so they aren’t even dusty. I don’t have much familiarity with collectible card games, but to my untrained eyes the items have no damage or tearing, so please accept their condition as-is. Thank you.”

The Auction Contained 26 multipack boxes sealed which anyone who knows about Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are aware that sealed boxes are far more valuable. Amongst The Collection Were Boxes of Magic Ruler, Pharaoh’s Servant & Labyrinth of Knightmare All of Which Are of High Value!


Source: (Otakuusamagazine)